I’ve only been dancing a short time – does that matter?

Nope – Dancing ability is less important than your personality, commitment and attitude.


Do I have to be present every night or every week?

No, absolutely not. IT is not expected (but welcomed) that crew members attend Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. However, it is helpful if you can be present as often as possible.


Do I have to crew every time that I attend Ceroc?

No. Crew benefits will still apply.


What is expected of me?

To be hospitable and helpful prior to the first class.

To be welcoming to new members.

To rotate and be involved in the first class.

To encourage new members to dance.

To smile a lot and have fun.

To be attentive to the instructor during the lessons.


Do I have to dance on stage?

Nope. But all crew are encouraged to demo (if they want to).


Can I teach the repeat beginner class?

Sure – with a little bit of guidance and training we are happy for crew to do this – however established crew will be given this option first.


Will there be specific training?

Yes – most training will occur on the go.

Crew members can also train to be instructors – but please contact Darren or Claire separately for details and requirements


Who is the crew leader?

Currently, Darren.


Do I have to learn the ‘lead’ & ‘follow’ technique

Nope – but it is a helpful and useful skill we encourage you to have!


Are there any specific roles?

Yes – currently Mary is in charge of the entrance desk, Dave is in charge of the venue, Darren is the crew-leader. Each of these roles need support and backup every week.


How do I get further information on becoming crew?

Email Claire at cjsumner@live.ca OR

Speak to Darren, or any other crew member.